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2014 Municipal Elections Results

The second round of the 2014 French Municipal Elections concluded tonight. Haven’t been following the coverage? Check out our map to see who won in which cities and to find out which cities changed hands. To see how the results came in, see our live blog from tonight’s elections. For more information:An analysis on the municipal elections in Paris. Information on the French municipal system. An explanation of the important strongholds and contested elections throughout France.[Read More…]

Everything You Need to Know About this Weekend’s French Municipal Elections in One Map

The French municipal elections are this weekend. Haven’t been following the coverage? Take a look at our map of the elections in nearly 50 cities across the country! See where the Parti Socialiste, the Union pour un Movement Populaire, and the Parti Communiste Français are currently in control and check out which cities’ elections are highly contested and where the far-right Front National has a chance of winning. Want more information? An analysis on the[Read More…]

French Parliament Approves 2014 Budget and Pension Reform

As the 2013 fiscal year comes to an end, President François Hollande, Interior Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, and the French Parliament have made several commitments to financial overhaul for the coming year. Plagued by discontent over high taxes and proposed pension reforms, President Hollande has set out six goals for the new year, covering political issues such as immigration and European relations. But Hollande is chiefly focused on economic reform: reduction of unemployment, mitigation of taxes,[Read More…]

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“Race” Deleted From French Law in Hopes of Dispelling Racism

A bill proposed by the Front de gauche (FDG) eliminating the word “race” from French legislation was adopted by the National Assembly last Thursday. The term is to be deleted from the Code Pénal, the Code de procedure pénale, and from the law on the freedom of press. André Chassaigne, Communist deputy and President of the FDG in the National Assembly, claims that the removal of the word contributes to the fight against prejudices and[Read More…]

“Wall of Jerks” in French Magistrates Union Raises Concerns of Political Neutrality

A storm over political bias of France’s judges has blown up, with the revelation of a bizarre Mur des Cons—literally, “Wall of Jerks” –in France’s second largest Magistrates union. The wall featured caricatures and insulting slogans of French right wing political heavyweights, including former President Nicolas Sarkozy. Comments on the wall accuse politicians of a number of crimes, from fascism to a lack of patriotism. Former Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux, for example, was named “the[Read More…]