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Protesters Hope to “Sweep Away” Hollande

May 5 in Paris, thousands of people surrounded Place de la Bastille demanding changes in President François Hollande’s unsuccessful austerity policies. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, one of the founders of the Front de Gauche (FG), organized the rally this Sunday, following the May 1 Labor Day protests. Mélenchon reported that 180,000 came out to the event. With France’s unemployment rate reaching an unprecedented high of 12.1%, Mélenchon’s far left party is not alone in its frustration.  Critics[Read More…]

Should There Be “More Dictators Like Chavez”?

Last Tuesday, March 5, the President of the Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez died after battling cancer for months. In Venezuela, the announcement of his death provoked scenes of despair, as Chavez was revered by many in his country. Meanwhile, some argued that no one should cry over the loss of the Venezuelan President who established an authoritarian regime in his country. France did not escape the debate. Initially, the political elite were divided in[Read More…]

A Blank Check for Violence? French Senate Votes on Social Amnesty Bill

Last week, the French Senate adopted a proposition for a new law that would grant amnesty towards those who committed crimes during social movements. This text, which will need to be examined by the National Assembly, is sharply critiqued by employers and opposing political parties, who see it as a blank check for violence. The bill is expected to annul condemned criminals and disciplinary sanctions for violations committed between January 1, 2007 and February 1,[Read More…]

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VIDEO: The French Far-Left Unites Against Austerity in Paris. Exclusive Interview with Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Our reporters Nadeem Hakemi and Peter Ansell went to a Front de Gauche rally on Saturday, November 16. Please find the report down below:   For an extended version of the Mélenchon report, see the link below.

Mélenchon Publicly Criticizes Hollande

After three months of silence and a long stay in Venezuela at the invitation of Hugo Chavez, the President of the Parti de Gauche (PG) and former presidential candidate Jean Luc Mélenchon made his thunderous political comeback earlier this week in the Journal du Dimanche. Regarding the first 100 days of Hollande: “100 days for almost nothing,” he responded before continuing, ”Hollande defused the insurrectionary content of the vote from the presidential election. He diluted[Read More…]