Primary School Teacher Stabbed to Death by Pupil’s Parent

A primary school teacher died in her classroom on Friday morning after being stabbed by the mother of one of her pupils, according to police. The attack happened in front of her class of five and six year old students on the last day of school. Fabienne Terre-Calmes, 34, was a teacher at the Edouard […]

European Court of Human Rights Orders France to Maintain Life Support for Tetraplegic

The European Court of Justice in Strasbourg has handed down a suspension of a French Council of State ruling. Photo: CherryX for Wikimedia Commons.

On Tuesday, June 24, the European Court of Human Rights suspended the decision made just a few hours before by French Council of State to end treatment for Vincent Lambert, a 38-year-old tetraplegic man who has been in coma for six years. The Court ordered France to maintain the man’s life support before any final […]

With Sizzling World Cup Scoring, France Shake Off 2010′s Campaign of Shame

If the FIFA World Cup was purely a contest of cumulative goals scored, France would be able to toss a glance back at most of the competition with an appropriate shrug of French indifference after their first two matches. After a 2010 Cup campaign that was, to put it lightly, a disastrous national embarrassment, the […]

Paris Bike Share Vélib Opens Child-Friendly Cycling Program

A Vélib bike share station in Paris.
Photo by Grace Jamieson for La Jeune Politique

This past Wednesday, June 18, Paris rolled out a childhood cycling program—the first of its kind—enabling students as young as two to take advantage of Paris’ highly successful bike share program, Vélib. Named “P’tit Vélib,” this new program provides 300 bikes for hire at five different pedestrian-friendly, low-traffic parks across the city. The bikes themselves […]

Attack on Roma Teen in Paris Suburb Begs Bigger Questions

An evacuated Roma camp near Marseille in October, 2013. Photo: AFP/Getty Images.

Darius, a sixteen-year-old Roma teenager was found nearly beaten to death in a shopping cart on Friday in a housing project outside of Paris. This story has made it into the headlines of the major French and some international press outlets. Called a “lynching” by Le Monde, the event has sparked the ongoing discussion about […]

SNCF Worker Strike Enters Second Week

SNCF TGV 375 at the Paris Montparnasse train station. Photo: DXR for flickr.

Railway workers of SNCF, the French National Railway Company, continue to strike this Wednesday, July 18, with a participation rate of 11.8%. Entering its eighth day, the strike has become the longest since 2010. Lasting for over a week, the strike has affected millions of travelers, including high school students who need to take trains […]

Strong Far-Right Turnout Signals Presidential Possibilities for Le Pen

Marine Le Pen.
Photo: Marine_Le_Pen_-_Chess

The surprisingly strong turnout of the Front Nationale (FN), France’s right-wing conservative party, in last week’s European Parliament elections has some asking a surprising question: could Marine Le Pen be the next president of France. While the presidential elections are far in the future—not set to occur until 2017—the parliamentary elections show that Le Pen’s […]

Nantes High School Students Demonstrate Against Sexism

The fight for gender equality took a surprising and touching turn on Friday, May 16 when hundreds of male students from 27 high schools in Nantes, France donned skirts in a show of solidarity for their female counterparts. The movement, entitled “Ce que souleve la jupe” — “What lifts the skirt” — had the support […]

Emphasis on Computer Programming Education Gathers Steam in France and Abroad

Students learn computer programming at a school Berlin, Germany. Photo: CayCee for flickr.

As part of a global trend in the growing importance of the tech sector, France, along with many other European nations, is pushing for the inclusion of computer programming courses in public schools. This education, they argue, is necessary to obtain the jobs of the future, and necessary for young students to stay competitive in […]

UKIP Success in European Parliament Elections

There is talk of a political earthquake across Europe after the European Parliament elections that came to a close on Sunday. The vote distribution was quite the success story for the far-right parties in most member states, notably France and the UK, where Marine Le Pen’s Front National (FN) and Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party […]


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