Sanctions Against Russia Raise Issues

Illustration by Peter Ansell for La Jeune Politique

Russia, Ukraine and the EU walk into a bar. Ukraine fancies Russia, but sees a future with the EU. When Crimea passes by, Russia remembers they were once together and decides to aggravate Ukraine by leaving with Crimea. The US storms in, shocked by the injustice and, together with the EU, comforts Ukraine. The US […]

2014 Municipal Elections Results

Municipal Elections Final Map

The second round of the 2014 French Municipal Elections concluded tonight. Haven’t been following the coverage? Check out our map to see who won in which cities and to find out which cities changed hands. To see how the results came in, see our live blog from tonight’s elections. For more information:An analysis on the municipal […]

Live Blog: Municipal Elections 2014 Round 2

French Municipal Elections

Welcome to the LJP Live Blog for the second and final round of the French Municipal Elections! For additional information, be sure to check out our previous coverage: See the results of last Sunday’s first round here. Map of the elections in nearly 50 cities across France. An analysis on the municipal elections in Paris. […]

French Smoking Image Tops Anti-Tobacco Incentives


  By Corinne Ruff Most days between classes Lea Giacomelli, like many young, French students, finds herself outside university doors rolling thin, brown cigarettes for a smoky conversation with friends. As they enjoy their few minutes of break, a lighter is passed around to spark the dangling cigarettes between their lips. “If you don’t smoke, it’s […]

Live Blog: 2014 Municipal Elections

Today, French voters take to the polls for the first round of municipal elections. Follow along as we liveblog the results! For additional information, be sure to check out our previous coverage: Map of the elections in nearly 50 cities across France. An analysis on the municipal elections in Paris. Information on the French municipal […]

How does the Franco-German Relationship Shape Europe?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Garitan

At a meeting of the French and German ministers in Paris last month, French President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared to be more united than ever. Hollande emphasized the importance of agreeing on major foreign policy issues, highlighting the alignment of the two countries on issues in Iran, Syria, and Africa. Concerning […]

Video: Solidarity Against Police Brutality in Turkey

Photo: Peter Ansell for La Jeune Politique

Video by Peter Ansell for La Jeune Politique

Paris Police Facing Scrutiny over Doctored Crime Numbers

The Préfecture de Police headquarters in Paris. Photo: MathTeacherGuy for flickr.

Parisian police have been systematically underreporting crime for years, according to a government audit. The scheme was apparently meant to maintain the French capital’s safe, tourist-friendly image, and to give the impression that government anti-crime policies were working. Municipal authorities in Paris apparently started purposefully downplaying crime a decade ago. However, the cover-up hit new […]

Annual Agricultural Fair in Paris Comes to an End

Nearly 1,300 exhibitors from 22 different countries around the world displayed their prized animals, food and food products this past week at the 51st annual Salon International de l’Agriculture. More than four thousand animals were transported to Paris to be displayed. Often referred to as the “biggest farm in France”, the salon showcases local products, […]

Mathieu Gallet Tapped as New CEO of Radio France

The headquarters of Radio France in Paris. Photo: DavidHBolton for flickr.

For French public radio broadcaster Radio France, leadership is taking on a fresh new meaning. On Thursday, Feb. 27, the Conseil superieur de l’audiovisuel (or CSA, an independent media regulator organization in France) chose Mathieu Gallet, 37, as the new CEO of Radio France. Gallet will succeed current CEO Jean-Luc Hees. The choice of Gallet […]


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