Sanctions Against Russia Raise Issues

Illustration by Peter Ansell for La Jeune Politique

Russia, Ukraine and the EU walk into a bar. Ukraine fancies Russia, but sees a future with the EU. When Crimea passes by, Russia remembers they were once together and decides to aggravate Ukraine by leaving with Crimea. The US storms in, shocked by the injustice and, together with the EU, comforts Ukraine. The US […]

France Receives 18 Billion Euros in Chinese Contracts

Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Photo: APEC 2013, flickr

Following the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to France during the week of Monday, March 24, France and China agreed upon a large number of economic contracts meant to stabilize the commercial balance between the two countries. According to the Elysée, over fifty contracts totaling over 18 billion euros were signed, focusing chiefly in […]

Françafrique: A Resurgent France Has a Responsibility to Keep House in Its Former Colonial Neighborhood

French troops arrive in Mali.
Photo: Richardson

In the mid twentieth century, France’s colonial possessions in Africa encompassed enormous swathes of land, from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia in the northwest to Madagascar in the southeast. Fifty-some years after the final dissolution of the French empire, France’s recent military incursions on the continent are sparking speculation of a French attempt to resurrect its […]

EU Gives €11 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

A demonstration about Ukraine in Munich, Germany. 

On March 5, the European Commission promised Kiev €11 billion in aid, taking what many consider a long overdue measure to provide help in Ukraine. The promise of monetary compensation came alongside announcements that the assets of 18 former Ukrainian officers would be frozen.  The names of the individuals were withheld until Thursday, to prevent […]

Immigration Restrictions Lifted for Bulgaria and Romania: Have they Lived Up to the Hype?

An airport was the scene for the meeting between Romanian immigrant Victor Spirescu and MP Keith Vaz, which captured national attention.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Aero Icarus

Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union in 2007, but their citizens saw their right to work freely in other EU nations restricted for seven years. Employers had to apply for work permits and migrants for an “accession worker card” or self-employment certificates, while low-skilled workers were constrained by quota schemes in the agricultural and […]

French Dual Language Program to Serve Immigrants in Underserved Boroughs

A mural at the entrance to PS 84. 

NEW YORK. – The French language has long been a source of pride among the French population, both those at home and abroad. Recently, New York City has seen a surge in support and funding for bilingual French-English programs, geared to both introduce American students to French language and culture and assist francophone immigrant populations […]

European communication network: viable reaction to NSA scandal?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the World Economic Forum in 2007.

LONDON. - Angela Merkel has voiced support for a European communication network that would keep out the US. Germany has been pushing the issue of data protection in Europe ever since the NSA scandal first broke. Following revelations that Merkel’s phone had been under surveillance –among 60 million other German calls the NSA had tapped into […]

Hollande’s Visit Emphasizes Unity between France and US

Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Pete Souza

French President François Hollande travelled to the United States last week for an official State visit at the invitation of President Barack Obama, aiming to symbolize the renewal of French-American relations. Such a visit had not occurred since Former French President Jacques Chirac visited Bill Clinton in 1996. Hollande and Obama published a co-written article […]

Internet Wars: Google and EU Work to Reach Agreement Three Years in the Making

Photo: Tschillinger for Wikimedia Commons.

On Wednesday, February 5, the European Commission announced it had accepted terms proposed by Google to remedy problems concerning the marketing of online search results. Google was accused of overstepping boundaries, yet the talks between the EU and Google are said to have opened the way for an amicable solution. The 14 plaintiffs can be […]

Trial of Alleged Rwandan Genocide Participant Opens in Paris

The Nyanza Genocide Memorial Site, a monument over a mass grave, in the Kicukiro District of Kigali, Rwanda. Photo: Adam Jones for Wikimedia Commons.

On Tuesday, February 4, the trial of Pascal Simbikangwa, an alleged participant in the Rwandan Genocide, opened at the Paris Criminal Court. The trial is a judicial first in France; many Rwandans have not looked upon France favorably, claiming that many exiles fled to the European country after murdering fellow countrymen in 1994. Simbikangwa was […]


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