Hollande First 100 Days

Why so Civil? The French Elections as Seen by “Une Américaine”

At times I wasn’t sure if I was watching a presidential campaign or a game show.  With all due respect to French television, though, the digitalized image of the Palais de l’Élysée adorning the set of the Hollande-Sarkozy debate did seem like something CNN would do in a desperate, gimmicky move for better ratings.  François Hollande, the portly, basset-hound-eyed politician from south-central Corrèze sat across from the Rolex-wearing, model-espousing incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy (appropriately nicknamed “bling[Read More…]

Socialist Summer Rally in La Rochelle: Carefully Going Back To Work

The main figures of the French Parti Socialiste (PS) met their supports in the now traditional summer rally in La Rochelle. The rally took place from August 23-27. It was relatively quiet and devoid of real political statements, even though the party needs, now more than ever, to find an invigorating pulse several months since the election. Martine Aubry, Chairwoman of the PS, gave her closing speech without answering the question on everyone’s minds ­­­–[Read More…]

Mélenchon Publicly Criticizes Hollande

After three months of silence and a long stay in Venezuela at the invitation of Hugo Chavez, the President of the Parti de Gauche (PG) and former presidential candidate Jean Luc Mélenchon made his thunderous political comeback earlier this week in the Journal du Dimanche. Regarding the first 100 days of Hollande: “100 days for almost nothing,” he responded before continuing, ”Hollande defused the insurrectionary content of the vote from the presidential election. He diluted[Read More…]

French Court Rules New EU Budgetary Pact Constitutional

The Paris Constitutional Council ruled Thursday night that the new European Union fiscal treaty does not require a constitutional amendment. This puts the EU one step closer to adopting the budgetary pact. 25 countries signed the treaty in early March, including all 17 Euro Zone countries, and the new laws subject member states to stricter economic standards. The U.K. and the Czech Republic were the two countries not to sign the treaty. The “golden rule”[Read More…]

Taubira and Security Issues: the Never-ending Debate between Sanction and Prevention

Christiane Taubira, the French Minister of Justice, recently triggered a storm of criticism after she questioned the efficiency of the Centres Educatifs Fermés (CEF), a name for enclosed educational centers for young offenders. The debate created by her comments stirred up the old and traditional opposition between Right and Left regarding security and criminal issues. The creation of the enclosed educative centers in 2002 was supposed to bring a new solution to combat youth criminality, being[Read More…]