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Exclusive Interview: Pierre Morel-A-L’Huissier

PARIS—Wednesday September 26th, in a small office next to the National Assembly, La Jeune Politique interviewed Pierre Morel à l’Huissier, an Union Pour un Mouvement Populaire(UMP) deputy of France’s smallest department, Lozère. He welcomed the chance to talk about his profession, his new role as an opponent of the current majority party, and about the UMP, a party currently immersed in a battle for the election of its president. But the main battle for Pierre Morel[Read More…]

Medef Holds Summer Forum

At the Medef (Movement of Enterprises in France) summer forum, employers are worried and the government remains unable to reassure them. The traditional summer forum of Medef, the French Employers Union, was held August 29-31 in Jouey-en-Josas on the campus of the prestigious business school HEC. The theme of this year: integration. Over the course of the three-day forum, Socialist Ministers went one after another in an attempt to reassure the employers and to justify[Read More…]

Hollande Already Losing Support

Down from 55% in June and July, François Hollande’s August approval ratings stand at 44% according to IPSOS, 50% according to TNS Sofres and 49% CSA for all pollsters. The decline in results is relentless; François Hollande is experiencing a fall in popularity. As the President expected, there has been no grace period during the first months of his term. In comparison, the popularity curve of Nicolas Sarkozy was more than 63% in 2007 before[Read More…]

Camus Exhibit Sparks Controversy

The planning of an exhibit about Albert Camus has brought on an intellectual controversy that combines politics, history, and literature. While Marseille prepares to become the European Capital of Culture for 2013, Aix-en-Provence has dedicated an exhibit to the famous French writer and philosopher, Albert Camus. Michel Onfray, a philosopher who is well known in the media, has been entrusted with organizing the exhibit. He replaces Benjamin Stora as the head of the project. Stora[Read More…]

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Mélenchon Publicly Criticizes Hollande

After three months of silence and a long stay in Venezuela at the invitation of Hugo Chavez, the President of the Parti de Gauche (PG) and former presidential candidate Jean Luc Mélenchon made his thunderous political comeback earlier this week in the Journal du Dimanche. Regarding the first 100 days of Hollande: “100 days for almost nothing,” he responded before continuing, ”Hollande defused the insurrectionary content of the vote from the presidential election. He diluted[Read More…]