Articles by: Mel Bavaria

UPDATED – Algeria Raids Gas Plant Where Islamist Terrorists Hold Hostages, Many Hostages Dead or Missing

On Thursday, January 17, Algerian Special Forces raided a gas plant where an Islamist terrorist group was holding hostages. As of 11:30 EST January 18, there have been reports that approximately 30-35 hostages and 18 militants were killed during the operation. The Algerian state news agency reported that over 600 were taken hostage. The plant was located in southeast Algeria, close to the Libyan border. Many western governments as well as media outlets have few[Read More…]

Henri Guaino Enters the Race for UMP

Jean-François Copé and François Fillon have one more person to worry about in their race to be the President of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, the center-right party of Nicolas Sarkozy. In an exclusive interview published Monday in Le Figaro, Henri Guaino, special advisor to former President Sarkozy, announced that he was indeed a candidate for the leader of the party. Guaino said that he entered the race because there were not enough options[Read More…]

Conflict in Amiens: In Brief

The nights of violence seem to have finally been calmed. One hundred additional police were deployed to Amiens, leading to the first relatively peaceful night in Amiens this week. In the northern French city of Amiens, violent riots broke out Monday night and into Tuesday morning. In the North neighborhood of the city, about a hundred young people clashed with police in response to an earlier conflict Sunday night. The whole affair was started because[Read More…]

Sarkozy Re-Enters Politics, Calling for International Intervention in Syria

Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France, re-emerged on the political scene today. News agencies are reporting that the former President had an in-depth phone conversation with Abdel Basset Sayda, the President of the Syrian National Council.  According to France Info, who reported on the call first, the two men talked about “the gravity of the crisis” in Syria, and the “necessity of rapid action from the international community.” The Syrian National Council is the principle[Read More…]

Spain and Italy Gain Ground at European Summit

Spain and Italy dominated more than just the soccer field this week. At the European Summit in Brussels, European leaders negotiated the economic fate of the Euro Zone and future plans to tackle issues of rising debt and unstable markets. Mario Monti and Mariano Rajoy, the Italian and Spanish Prime Ministers respectively, exerted more pressure than expected against the German Chancellor,  Angela Merkel, to come to an agreement over a debt reduction plan for these[Read More…]