Articles by: Caroline Brabant

Op-Ed: Is the Euro a Failure?

A single European currency is no doubt a technical success in many respects. Its positive effects within the single market are authentic and easy to identify. It put an end for instance, to the debilitating effects of the change crisis between the EU member states. However, with the “Great Recession,” the euro is entering a realm of intense disturbance. So far, the EU has wished to reconcile the existence of the euro and the maintenance[Read More…]

News Analysis: The Issues With Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

One of the first international issues President François Hollande will have to deal with in the coming months is Afghanistan. During the campaign, the new President pledged to withdraw soldiers from Afghanistan before the end of 2012, a year earlier than expected with his predecessor. In an interview with RTL – a popular French radio news station – Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, gave further explanations on this issue. By December 31,[Read More…]

Normalcy: True or False? Smart or Foolish?

Since his election, François Hollande’s Presidency has been characterized by a desire to achieve “normality” and to establish a distinct separation from his predecessor. From the effort to avoid turning the inauguration into a private event to his choice of transportation, much has been done to support the idea that how power is practiced has changed. But is the normality displayed by François Hollande and the Ayrault’s government a short-lived communication strategy or the beginning of[Read More…]

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Growth: Berlin Rejects Requests from Paris

On Wednesday, June 6, a text from the German Ministry of Economics began circulating, a text entitled “More Growth in Europe: Employment, Investment, Innovation”. The memo was intended to be the basis for discussions on June 13 between Angela Merkel and her opposition. These discussions should enable a temporary agreement between the Social Democratic Party, the Greens and the German Chancellor for the adoption of the proposed fiscal pact, an agreement which has been stalled[Read More…]

Hollande’s Policy on Europe Relatively Unclear before Legislative Elections

President François Hollande’s election has been welcomed by many in the European press as the beginning of a new era, marking the end of the “Merkozy” program of austerity. The debt crisis continues to shake up the European Union, and the parliamentary elections in Greece on May 6 were only the latest episode in an already unstable financial market. But can Hollande’s European policy be reduced to his willingness to renegotiate the “Fiscal Compact”? Foreign[Read More…]