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Young, Socialists and Enthusiasts: What We Forgot to See in La Rochelle

There is another side to the rallies at La Rochelle, often forgotten by the media. It is the side that belongs to the activists. These people whose names we may not know often consider these rallies as a celebration of their common ideals, and, at the same time, as a way to renew an ideological communion. To gain insight into this aspect of the rallies, La Jeune Politique interviewed Morgane Le Mée, member of the[Read More…]

Sad Summer for Women Part 2

The Cecile Duflot case has not been the only attack on women in France in recent months. In the spring, the Constitutional Council – the French equivalent to the Supreme Court – annulled the law banning sexual harassment on the grounds that the concept was badly defined. This decision was unanimously criticized, as the Council chose to annul it rather than to suspend it until modification. The consequence of this decision was to leave the[Read More…]

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Socialist Summer Rally in La Rochelle: Carefully Going Back To Work

The main figures of the French Parti Socialiste (PS) met their supports in the now traditional summer rally in La Rochelle. The rally took place from August 23-27. It was relatively quiet and devoid of real political statements, even though the party needs, now more than ever, to find an invigorating pulse several months since the election. Martine Aubry, Chairwoman of the PS, gave her closing speech without answering the question on everyone’s minds ­­­–[Read More…]

Sad Summer For Women In Politics – Part 1

Sometimes, the law reveals some strange anachronisms. There is still a law in France, from 1799, which forbids women to wear trousers. Of course, it is not applied by anyone anywhere in the country, but the legislator has never felt the necessity to repeal it. However, in 2012, a female minister, Cecile Duflot, was heavily criticized by the opposition for wearing jeans in the official government picture. Weeks later, in the middle of the summer,[Read More…]

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Hard Times for French Students

Although in many ways French students are better-off financially than their American, British and Canadian counterparts, student life in France is getting more and more expensive. The situation has lead the two main student unions, the Union Nationale des Etudiants de France (UNEF) and the Fédération des Associations Générales Étudiantes (FAGE), to ring the bell. The UNEF and FAGE’s surveys have respectively disclosed that the cost of student life will rise for the 2012-2013 year[Read More…]