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Upcoming Debate on Gay Marriage in France: What Is Left Unsaid On Both Sides

On June 29th, the day before the Parisian Gay Pride parade, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced that “the right to marry and adopt for all would be established during the five years of the presidency.” The date still needs to be specified. Unlike several other European countries, France has not yet accepted gay marriage. As the President François Hollande asserted previously, and was later confirmed by the government spokesperson on June 16th, gay marriage should become a[Read More…]

Spain and Italy Gain Ground at European Summit

Spain and Italy dominated more than just the soccer field this week. At the European Summit in Brussels, European leaders negotiated the economic fate of the Euro Zone and future plans to tackle issues of rising debt and unstable markets. Mario Monti and Mariano Rajoy, the Italian and Spanish Prime Ministers respectively, exerted more pressure than expected against the German Chancellor,  Angela Merkel, to come to an agreement over a debt reduction plan for these[Read More…]

“Pantouflage” Becomes a Dialogue Across Political Parties

“Pantouflage” is the word used to describe when a former senior civil servant moves into the private sector. This phenomenon raises ethical problems since the private and public spheres are becoming more and more mixed. In fact, many people who are doing this still have influence in politics, making it tempting to use government policy to promote their own company. There are two major risks of corruption raised by pantouflage. The first being the fact[Read More…]

The Diminishing Value of the Baccalaureate

The Baccalaureate Exam was created in 1808 in France to evaluate, at the end of high school, students’ knowledge that they had gained. It was also intended to ensure that the students were capable of advancing to higher learning. This year’s students are the first to take the Bac after the reform of 2010. Although, it seems to many that the reform did not resolve many problems of the Bac. The number of people pushing[Read More…]

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It’s Back to the Benches for the New Representatives

On May 26th, the newly elected representatives of the French National Assembly chose their President. For some, this was new and exhilarating, while others made their way back to the benches that had been theirs for years before. After months of intense campaigning, this is an important moment when political forces begin navigating a new balance that will dictate the five years to come. This new Assembly witnessed a reversal of the majority party. After[Read More…]